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Our friendly, compassionate and competent staff is dedicated to you and will ensure your comfort and quality care. We provide the best and latest in technology and treatment options. We provide gentle, family-oriented care to the adults and children of our community here and surrounding areas.

We look forward to welcoming you to our family. Our office is warm and inviting. You will always be greeted with a smile and treated with utmost dignity and respect. You will play an active role in your treatment and your voice heard when you have questions or concerns.

They got me in the day I made the appointment, they were extremely helpful and informative about my insurance, they were in my insurance network, all the ladies at the front were so kind and helpful, as well as Dr. Todd Miller. The office is very clean and kept up. Dr. Todd Miller is very thorough and knowledgeable. The appointment was quick, efficient, and effective. So happy that I was referred here. This is definitely the place to go.

I was sent here from my Dr. (Shrestha) and it was my first form visiting this office. All the ladies were very friendly and helped me right away. The office was cleaned and Dr. Miller was great and made my ears feeling better within minutes.

Fantastic friendly and caring staff, no long waiting is A plus++.......After 4 years, Dr. Miller has always been a terrific and compassionate person! 😋 Fantastic friendly and caring staff, no long waiting is A plus++.......After 4 years, Dr. Miller has always been a terrific and compassionate person! 😋

He was very efficient and the most amazing doctor I have ever seen.

Great experience from beginning to end. The office was clean and Covid safe. The office staff was pleasant and helpful. No, wait! Dr. Miller was thorough and kind.

Felt very safe and appreciated all the Covid precautions. Got right in, dr Miller was quick and efficient. Freaked out by dead body on a guerney being put in a car in the parking lot.

Dr. Miller is very knowledgeable and has great bedside manners. He listened to my concerns and addressed each accordingly. He also performed an endoscopy on me that was painless and walked me through each step. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an ENT specialist.

I called in for a refill for Dr. Fishman and discovered he retired and so I needed to be seen by his partner Dr Miller. The nice receptionist was able to get me an appointment the next morning. Dr Miller quickly diagnosed me with Sinusitis and prescribed meds and I was out of there within 30 minutes. I was amazed at how fast my appointment took. The whole experience was pleasant. Dr. Miller and his staff are so nice and I highly recommend them if you need a great ENT doctor.

I have been seeing Dr.Miller for over a year I have a Deviated Septum, and other problems. He's always on time courteous, and gives You the best advice and treatment. If your Problem still persists Surgery is last option.

Dr. Miller and his staff are always efficient, courteous, and professional. Dr. Miller is knowledgeable and well experienced in his field. I am always at ease with him.

Dr. Todd Miller is efficient in determining a course of action subsequent to diagnosis. The doctor executes a treatment plan that has worked 100% of the time for me. Great ENT and I have recommended him to all of my family and friends. The doctor's office staff is also very professional and helpful.

I was so happy with Mary the billing person, who helped me get answers on some insurance issues I was having....

Very nice doctor’s office. All personnel was helpful and friendly. The doctor was a great listener and helpful as well.

The staff was so friendly! I got in really quickly without a lot of wait time. Dr. Miller was thorough and helpful.

Dr. Miller and his staff were very welcoming and thorough. He was very patient and made sure to gather all of the information needed to help treat my son. I would recommend Dr. Miller and his office.

Dr. Todd Miller is very professional. He pays attention to patient history and feedback.

I found Dr. Miller and his staff to be quite competent and efficient. I was referred to him for Vertigo 12 months ago. He was also able to help me with some sinus issues and I am now fully cured. Thank you!

Dr Miller was GRRRRRRREAT. From the time I checked in till the time I walked out was under 30 minutes. The whole staff was very friendly and the young lady who walked me to my room and took my blood pressure was very funny reminding me if I did not fill out all of my forms someone will go to my house and knock on my door. Once she left a few minutes later Dr. Miller came and examined me made some notes and forward my prescription to my pharmacy of choice. Thank you to the whole staff at that office for your prompt and courteous work. This is got to be one of the best doctor visits I’ve had in a long time.

Dr. Miller was personable, a great listener, empathetic to my concerns, and knowledgeable. The office staff was very friendly and caring. I'm glad I chose Greater long Beach ENT and would highly recommend it to anyone.

The office personnel, medical assistant or John, and Dr. Todd Miller were friendly, focused, as well as very competent. Dr. Miller did his assessments and got right on the necessary procedures, shared his findings, and next steps to take if I chose to continue to maintain my ENT health. I trust Dr. Miller's judgment and recommendations. He is open to questions. He's a good guy as well as being professional in all aspects.

Dr. Miller is professional and takes time to understand patient health issues. He cares about each of his patients and is easy to talk to. I’ve been a patient for over 8 years and have had 2 sinus surgeries done by Dr. Miller. I have been happy with each outcome and patient visit. Dr. Miller is top-notch.

First appointment with Dr. miller. Did not wait but a few minutes. Dr. Miller was very thorough in asking questions and explaining answers.

Friendly staff & clean office. Good COVID protocols. Easy to make appointments for the same week. Great communication in regards to appointment reminders (texts). The office seems to run very smoothly, as I have never waited long to be seen by Dr. Miller.

Everyone was very kind and helpful. The doctor was very concise and assured me my condition is treatable. The office staff also gave me a special discount on my parking, from 3.00 to 1.00. Awesome, would definitely recommend this Doctor to friends.

Dr. Miller and the staff exceeded my expectations. Called for an appointment for a bad ear infection and the office scheduled me immediately. I highly recommend Dr. Miller!